Zac Scott Bedell
Designer • Software Producer • Scientific Artist

A bit about me

Hello! My name is Zac, I am a designer and software industry pro from Seattle. I earned a BFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington in 2005. I love making abstract concepts intuitive and enjoyable for users. Consider me equal parts scientist and artist.

Technology is a medium, like oil paint, that I have enjoyed working in since grade school. My professional work has been user-centered from the onset; as user experience designer and recently as application development manager.

I have a keen mind for complicated problems and can fill many industry roles as needed to craft the best possible user experience. My design education provides me with a unique perspective for resolving abstract problems into concrete deliverables and I have enjoyed that process daily.

Please contact me if your company could benefit from my experience, energy, and skills.

I am currently looking for a healthy company where I can contribute my design expertise and utilize my many other business strengths.


Selected items for conversation

Infinity™ Reporting

  • Contributions: Dev Team Mgr, UX, Test, Writer

Webtrends Infinity Reporting is an Analytics reporting interface for enterprise businesses. This UX is a seemless integration of several independent apps behind a single proxied URL:

As Dev Team manager, I lead all the application and services development, UX design, and product testing needed to "get data out" of Webtrends.

All Webtrends UI must pass my desk.

  • Reporting UI consists of three main regions; chart, table, and left-nav. Minimizing navigation to maximize data view is important but must maintain highly scalable nav.

  • Isolating a user workflow is not my favorite paradigm but is sometimes necessary. Here, the user edits the report itself which will change the data behind it.

  • A big challenge of this project is the complexity. Here, the user constructs a rule using logical statements.

  • The product is in the Early Adopter phase, some features, such as this dashboard, are only minimally implemented to facilitate user feedback and allow them access to more valuable workflows.

  • Reusing interaction patterns and visual language allow users to feel comfortable and empowered.

Optimize Visual Editor

  • Contributions: UX, UI, Illustration, Writer, User Research, Dev Team Mgr

Optimize™ Visual Editor is a content testing app. It is the latest generation of the optimization workflow I originally designed in 2009.

My role in this project has evolved in that time from individual contributor UX to dev team owner. Optimize was invented at the startup Widemile where I was the sole designer.

  • Users create A/B tests visually, on their own website, with realtime previewing. Fascilitating this workflow within the confines of the viewport was a challenge.

  • A high-fidelity exploration of a dashboard view. Users select an item here to see more detail.

  • These objects contain a ton of data. In this UI exploration, "legacy" typographic treatment is applied to report data.

  • A wireframe exploration combining two experimental ideas; a "flat" left nav heirarchy and a tile-based dashboard. This was tested with users via paper prototyping

  • The dashboard wireframe that lead to the design in production today. Nothing ground-breaking but proof that existing patterns should be utilized when appropriate.

  • A concept utilizing space to communicate object relationships. Selecting a peripheral object would center on it and expand relationships from there.

  • A reporting concept used in user testing. This report includes both measured and predictive data which adds potential for a lot of visual interest to the design.

  • A high level product phasing diagram highlighting specifc object relationships as part of a larger strategy.

  • Data visualization color library exploration for Optimize and Infinity Reporting.

  • Interface controls on a 'sketchpad', where the entire visual language is easily visible and accessible.

Icons & Illustration

  • Contributions: Semiotics, Illustration

I love to draw!

Art has been the primary focus of my life and I always jump at the chance to create original work.

  • Detailed illustrations extend the style of the icons. Digital illustration was an appropriate medium to communicate the clean, mathematical, laboratory feel of the Optimize product.

  • Optimize test object types, large and small icons.

  • A selection of icons created for Optimize.

  • A selection of icons created for Optimize.

  • Optimize main navigation. White icons "connect" to white console frame.

  • An export of the main 'sketchpad' Illustrator layer. Each symbol was handcrafted, now most are readily availabe through resources like FontAwesome.

Microsoft Server UI

  • Contributions: UX, UI, User Research, Illustration, Evangelist
  • Products: Small Business Server, Home Server, High-powered Computing UI

Small Business Server 2008 and Home Server 2008, UI in the time of CD installation and box packaging.

This is some old stuff now but it serves me well to represent how much UI craft has changed in the past decade!

  • Screenshot of a dev build of the Small Business Server home page. This product shipped on real CDs packaged in an actual box.

  • Users and groups management in the time just before Windows Vista.



  • User interface & workflow design
  • Information architecture
  • Typography
  • Composition & layout
  • Wireframing
  • User research & testing
  • User lifecycle design
  • Illustration, various mediums
  • Iconography & semiotics
  • Logo & mark design


  • Agile methodology
  • Project management
  • Product inception
  • Story creation & backlog curation
  • Rapid software delivery
  • Scrum master
  • Dev mgmt, including senior ICs
  • Hiring & project staffing
  • Presentation & speaking


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript & libraries
  • JSON
  • Python

Fine Art

  • Dry erase on Whiteboard
  • Digital illustration
  • Graphite & pastel
  • Pen & Ink
  • Photography
  • Acrylic & Oil
  • Sculpture, mixed media


  • Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Sublime Text
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Jira, including admin of
  • Git & GitHub
  • MS Office suite, of course
  • Terminal & command line
  • Mac, Windows, Ubuntu/Linux

Familiar Technology

  • Web app architecture
  • Continuous integration
  • Distributed systems, load-balancing
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Microsoft & Open Source stacks
  • Node & Rails
  • Websocket & REST
  • Spark & Hadoop
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi